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    We offer our customers high-quality oak slats.

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    • Guaranteed geometry
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    Basic pillars of our business

    • Expertise
    • Fairness

About us

Over 22 years in the wood industry

With a stock of more than 60,000 m2 of oak lamellas, we are one of the exceptional suppliers from Eastern Europe. With our headquarters in the "heart of Europe", we also have excellent opportunities to supply our partners in all directions.


We are a family owned company engaged in the wholesale sale of oak lamellas since 2010, but our wood business dates back to 2002, when we supplied a Spanish manufacturer with oak strips in the volume of 15-20 trucks per month. During the crisis in 2008, exports stopped completely and the focus shifted from raw materials to semi-finished products – oak slats.

The year 2010 is the official establishment of OAKWOOD, s.r.o.. We moved from garage sales to larger premises in 2012 due to expansion and the introduction of quality control. Almost no one did quality control at that time. Thanks to it and the guaranteed quality, the volume of satisfied customers and the volume of lamellas sold increased. Over time, we have become one of the leading suppliers of slats for parquet floors on the European market.

+421 918 264 434


Constantly making progress

Our vision is to establish a leading position in the oak lamella business in the EU, and become the most dependable supplier from Eastern Europe to the West. We aspire to forge new wholesale and retail partnerships, and provide our clients with the highest quality goods available in the market. Additionally, we plan to expand our business to include the production of parquet floors, incorporating our own oak slats into the process.


It is not only our job, but also our mission

In order to achieve business success, it is crucial to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied. That's why we aim to go beyond a mere "buy/sell" approach and strive to make a positive contribution to each party through our services. We ease the burden of sorting for our larger suppliers, and we assist smaller suppliers by purchasing goods that may be less desirable to others. On the customer side, we focus on enhancing production efficiency by delivering tested semi-finished products using the "Just-in-time" method. By outsourcing quality control for production that does not meet our standards, we actively seek to improve the entire parquet production cycle.



We have 22 years of experience working in the wood industry.

Effective communication

We communicate with customers quickly and professionally.

High quality

We offer our customers high-quality, certified goods.

Long-term partnerships

In the course of doing business, we have created many friendships and business contacts.


We can adapt the products to your requirements and needs.

Goods availability

We guarantee fast delivery of products.